Monday, June 13

Summer Week 5: Begin Hermit Transformation

So in a world where real-time communication with people down the street or across the globe is possible at all hours of the day, is it bad that I don't really like people all that much? Not in the, "I hope you fall down the stairs today" type feeling, but just the "I'd rather stay home alone or with family than put in the effort to arrange to see my friends". Okay, well that sounds bad now. But it's true. It's week 5 of summer and I've probably only seen three or four of my friends. And I don't really mind it. Granted, I would prefer to be doing something productive right now, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so vegging in the house is what's left.

It's interesting though, because I would be okay with doing the 'social thing' if I were back at school. So I don't know, just a thought I had.

But in more interesting news, I watched the Tony's last night. *insert jazz hands here* *and a starburst for good measure* It was pretty good; I wasn't familiar with most of the musicals or plays nominated, but was great seeing the performances. And of course, Neil Patrick Harris. I'm embarrassed to say that my first Tony experience was only two years ago, the first year that NPH hosted. It was such a great show, so I'm so glad he hosted again this year.

Performances I can't stop watching (and you should watch to if you so desire):

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