Saturday, April 28

Pre-Finals Inspiration

Yesterday was the last day of classes, or as WM likes to call it, Blowout.  My blowout was filled with friends, music, and hours of people watching.  Just the way I like it.  But before I crawl into the cave that is finals week, I wanted to post some songs that I've just been in love with for the past few days.

Girls Love Shoes "Home"

Stars "Elephant Love Letter"

This video I saw for the first time today; gorgeous choreography by Travis Wall.

[EDIT] I totally forgot to add this, so I'm going to now.  I went to Goodwill a few days back, looking for pants that I could cut into shorts for the summer.  And lo and behold, I found a pair of seafoam green corduroy pants at Goodwill for $2.50.  They were too short as pants, but fit on my hips, more or less, so I got them and cut them into shorts.  And I am glad I found these shorts and am beyond excited to wear them soon.  :)  Who needs to buy $20 shorts when they can just make their own?

Currently listening to: "Without You (orchestral)" from the Dancing With the Stars video.

Tuesday, April 17


Ahh!  I've been neglecting my blog and my hoards of followers...right.  Sorry about the lack of posts; it may have something to do with my newly acquired Pinterest account.  And I will shamelessly plug; check it out!  :)

But there is a reason for this post.  It was an extremely hot 90 degrees yesterday and it reminded me that summer and the end of school is rapidly approaching.  And while I'm more of a fall person myself, a trend I really love and want to get into this summer is "Aztec prints".  It's in quotes because I can't attribute the print to the Aztecs being in an American Indian class.  I can just see Professor Fisher shaking his head at me now.  But all these pictures and more on my Pinterest!  Haha.

blue aztec print scarf

aztec print top


Currently listening to: "Skip the Charades" Cold War Kids

Also, more news!  Cold War Kids is playing here this Saturday and I'm super excited!  I'm always surprised that this campus doesn't get more indie bands, but I'm glad we're getting them.  And that might even make me temporarily forget that Passion Pit (♥) is coming to JMU this Thrusday and I. Can't. Go.  :(