Monday, January 30

A Night In

Last night, my friends and I decided to make queso and watch "Crazy, Stupid Love."  I'd wanted to watch it when it came out, but never got around to doing it (how my movie watching experiences usually go).  But I really enjoyed it, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are really good in it, and I love their storyline.  Also, I absolutely loved her dress from one of the beginning scenes.

It's a halter from the front, but is backless and has a cute bow detail in the back.  Sold out, of course.  The bad part about only watching movies a year after they come out is just that, everything's already been out for a year.

Secondly, the soundtrack for the movie was great.  This song particularly I remembered. It's called "Blood" by Middle East.  There were others that were good, but their names escape me right now.

Currently listening to: "Blood" Middle East

Sunday, January 29

Back to the Grind

First complete week of school is over and done with.  And based on this week, I'm going to be burnt out by Friday for the rest of the semester.  I'm already behind on work, but hopefully this weekend will get me caught up.

Moving on.  I wasn't sure what to write about this time, so I went to my trusty 'list of saved tumblr pictures.'  And this week, it is..drumroll please..bookshelves.

I'm so getting a giant cabinet/bookshelf installation made of industrial pipe when I get my own place.

"I think your bookcase is..oh, uh never mind..."

And lastly, I thought this was a bookshelf, but was mistaken.  But I couldn't not post this.  Doctor Who, anyone?

Currently listening to: Amy Whitcomb's cover of "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars, if my sound was working.

Sunday, January 22

Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year is tomorrow and I'm sad to be missing all of the festivities because I'm at school.  Namely the food and being with family.

And of course, one of the biggest traditions surrounding the Lunar New Year in modern times is the lion dance.  Everything about the dance is just extravagant and over the top, from the design and intricacies of the lion's design to the performers' acrobatics.

To any readers that celebrate the Lunar New Year and even those that don't, I hope your year is filled with prosperity and good health and fortune.

Currently listening to: the sound of my laptop fan..

Wednesday, January 18

I don't need a smile from a mannequin, I just want to hold you in my hands

One of the things that I always end up doing when I come home for breaks, whether I like or not, is watch a lot of TV.  Well, not a lot of TV, but more than the nothing I watch back at school.

And this break was no different.  I've started watching two shows; "Jane By Design," a TV drama about a high school girl who ends up working the fashion job she's always wanted.  And of course there's the evil, but loving boss and her balancing work and school.  It's a guilty pleasure, I'll admit.

The second show is "Project Runway: All Stars."  While the all-stars are all past contestants, I've only started watching the most recent season of PR, so they're all new to me.  Weekly PR episodes will be a nice end of the week when the semester starts up again.

Is it a coincidence that both shows I've started watching are fashion related?  Probably not..

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Ben Kweller playlist (opener for Third Eye Blind at our Convocation concert)
Happy almost 319th birthday, WM!

Thursday, January 12

Tonight, we are young..

In lieu of the recent and first snow of the winter season, here's a bit of a wintery post.  I've never been as obsessed with snow globes as I am with mason jar snow globes.  Especially these that I've been seeing on tumblr.  The last one's just really fun.  Enjoy!

Also, I finally head back to school after a long month back at home.  I'm looking forward to a new semester and having a busy schedule again.  And of course seeing all my friends again.  And I guess learning..haha.

Currently listening to:
"We Are Young" Fun feat. Janelle MonĂ¡e

Wednesday, January 4

That's a frosty way to speak..

The winter weather has finally arrived,'s a bit colder than I remembered it.  Knitting and cold weather goes hand in hand like..well, like this. I wish I knew how to knit, then I could make super cozy scarves, gloves, and other things that keep you warm.

And while this isn't a new thing, I'm still loving the grays/creams during the winter.