Tuesday, June 25

DIY High-Waisted Shorts

As I mentioned in the last post, I finally found a pair of of high-waisted jeans to turn into shorts.  They're perfect paired with a crop top or bralet for the hot summer days.  And it's been incredibly hot recently in Williamsburg, so I'm incredibly glad I finally have a pair.  Hopefully I'll post an outfit wearing them soon.  :)

Frayed or cuffed; that is now the question.  Some outfits to guide my decision.





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Sunday, June 16

Turquoise and High-Waisted

I can confidently say that this weekend was a success, in the thrifting and crafting sense.  Yesterday, I bought some great things at Goodwill: a racerback dress with an exposed zipper going all the way down the back, a pair of jeans that will soon be made into my first pair of high-waisted shorts, and Naturalizer boots, all for under 16 dollars.

For less than six dollars, I bought 24 gauge silver wire and beads.  I was inspired by turquoise and DIY wire rings.  So with a set of pliers in hand, I blindly started making rings.

Three hours and 15 new rings later, I decided I was probably done.  For this weekend, at least.

Definitely a weekend well spent.  I think I may have to stay away from Goodwill for a while though; I've been going weekly.  I'm surprised we're not on a first-name basis yet.

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Monday, June 10

2013 Tony Awards

I love Broadway.  And musical theatre.  And recognizing works of art.  So needless to say, I was on cloud nine watching the Tony Awards last night.  I love how for one night, Broadway essentially shuts down to put on this amazing show and ceremony that recognizes and showcases Broadway for millions of viewers.

The performances were amazing.  My favorites were the opener and closer (lyrics written by Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Once (sung by my favorite Doctor Who "companion", Rory)

Some memorable moments and just personal favorites.

Megan Hilty, who performed in a number about the closing of television series.

Lin and his wife, Vanessa.

Neil Patrick Harris, who hosted for the 4th year, and the dog from Annie.

A performance from Matilda the Musical

Kinky Boots, music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper, a big winner last night.

Motown the Musical, loved the music and performance.

An amazing performance from Phantom of the Opera, for its 25th anniversary.

And the familiar faces, "characters" from still-running Broadway shows introduced the performances:

Jersey Boys

The Newsies

Watching the Tony Awards just reminds me how much I need to, in the words of NPH, "go see a Broadway show."  Performing live eight times a week, combining acting, singing, and dancing...ahhh, it's just one of my favorite art forms.

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Wednesday, June 5

"This is our last chance, give me your hands. 'Cause our world is spinning at the speed of light."

It's hard to imagine that I've only been back on campus for a week and a half.  My days have quickly turned into an enjoyable cycle of research, gym, winding down either on my laptop or with a book, and finally, sleep.  I bought a fitness pass this summer, which lets me attend all fitness classes for the entire 10-week summer.  I love it so far; taking different classes is much more preferable than the elliptical or the work outs that I had done before.

Besides that, here's some more pinspiration:





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