Sunday, January 25

Fashion Flashback to the 80's: Heathers

I watched the 1989 cult classic, Heathers, last night on a whim.  And let me just say, I had some sort of spiritual connection with the film.  First of all, the clothes (which will be the focus of this post).  I'm a 90's grunge girl myself, but the edgy 80's girl is equally as amazing and inspiring.  The prints, silhouettes, and hair definitely make a statement.  There's personality to it, something that unfortunately, the majority of the masses no longer have.  Secondly, the  "Dark comedy" is definitely the right label.

But now for the good stuff.  The double-breasted, color-coordinated goodness.  I guess it's time to go back into my closet and re-imagine some items that I thought were headed for the thrift store.  Speaking of which, it's taking all of my willpower (and my empty bank account) not to restock my closet with oversized blazers, kimonos, and vests.

The iconic outfit in all its glory.  Winona Ryder looks absolutely beautiful throughout the entire film.

Currently listening to: "Candy Store" Heathers: The Musical (fine, you caught me...there's a musical version of the movie)

Wednesday, January 21

Artist Spotlight: Robert DeLong

Do you ever write down a lyric of a song and tell yourself to look it up when you have the time?  Well, I've had a bunch of notes on my phone with lyrics and song titles and I finally got around to doing just that.  I found "Long Way Down" by Robert DeLong and it was the first time I'd ever heard of him.  He's this electronic artist that loops tracks for his songs live, using things like Wiimotes, joysticks, and regular drum sets.  This guy's pretty innovative and all his songs have this infectious groove that I just can't shake.

"Long Way Down"

"Global Concepts"

"The Mother We Share" (CHVRCHES cover)


Currently listening to: Robert DeLong's "Just Movement" album

Saturday, January 10

Night at the Theatre: Diner

There's really nothing like live theatre.  And I was reminded of that fact last Thursday night, when a friend and I went to see Diner, a new musical playing at the Signature Theatre.  Based off of the film of the same name, it's a story about six guys reuniting for the wedding of one of them.  Seeing so many big-name Broadway actors in such a small and intimate setting was pretty mind-blowing.  And the Signature Theatre definitely earned its Tony Award; it is such a cool theatre and I'm definitely going to need to go to more shows there.

I snuck a quick picture with Adam Kantor before the show.  Can you say fangirling?  Having listened to him on Rent and The Last Five Years (that one on repeat), it was absolutely incredible to meet him and see him live.

We also got a picture with a few of the leading men after the show.  From left to right: Derek Klena (ahhh, Dogfight...another great musical), Josh Grisetti, Bryan Fenkhart

Not a review, but the show was a whole lot of fun; the 50s era music and aesthetic was great, the actors were great, and the staging was a clever use of the small space.  The show is sold out for the rest of its run and I'm incredibly interested to see where the show goes from there.  I, at least, would love there to be a cast album.  The songs were incredibly catchy and I'd love to hear the stars sing them again.

Currently listening to: "Some Kinda Time" Dogfight musical

Tuesday, January 6

January Wish Item

It's the first snow of the year today!  I've been wanting to change up my winter outerwear for a while now.  I've got a classic black peacoat, but have been recently liking the larger, textured, gray coats.  A change of silhouette is in order, I think.

I always enjoy having a plan going into thrift stores; it helps me not to wind up with a pile of items.

Trying to find the perfect balance between oversized and "swallowing me whole" may pose a problem.  What's at the top of your wish list?

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