Wednesday, July 29

Magic Gardens, Philadelphia

Last month, I visited one of my friends in Philadelphia.  One of the city's treasures I've been interested in visiting for years is the Magic Gardens.  It's a gallery space created over a span of fourteen years by an artist named by Isaiah Zagar.  It's a beautifully unique space, with glass, tiles, toilet bowls, bike wheels, and anything else you can imagine.

It's an absolutely gorgeous place and my pictures definitely did not do it justice.  The day we went was overcast and rainy, but it was still amazing.

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Monday, July 20

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness at The National

I've been a bit spoiled in the past few years, particularly this last year.  I've been able to go to so many amazing concerts/shows at incredibly accessible venues; The Norva, The National, Suffolk National Airport (festival at an airport?  best idea).  But unfortunately, my brother's never really had that chance to go a concert of his own the baby brother, he's been dragged along to many shows that haven't quite been his style.

So when I saw that Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness was coming around to Richmond, I just had to get tickets.  Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate, AMITW...there was no possibility that it wouldn't be an amazing show.  Here are some blurry iPhone shots from the per my concert M.O., we were essentially front row and it was definitely a night to remember.

You know it'll be a good show when both opening acts are stellar.  Grizfolk below.  I've got to remember to check out some of their's been a while since the concert and I've forgotten what they sound like.

X Ambassadors. much love.  So. Good. Live.  There's nothing else to say, their set was like nothing I could've dreamt up.  Amazing.

And the man of the hour himself; Andrew McMahon.  There are definitely some gems on the AMITW album, but nothing gets to me quicker than "Holiday from Real".  It was an experience being able to hear him perform that song, particularly for it being the 10th anniversary of Everything in Transit.

21st century concertgoer.  XD

The cherry on top of an amazing night.  My brother essentially got handed a setlist after the show....for his first concert, I couldn't be happier.

After the show, there was a bit of a botched attempt to get an after-concert dinner at Strange Matter, but it didn't matter.  If I end up moving back homewards after graduation, I will definitely miss being so close to these two amazingg venues.  Haha, it's like I live my life from concert to concert...and I am completely okay with that.

EDIT: Setlist from the show.  Happy 10 year anniversary, "Everything in Transit."

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Friday, July 10

Delmar Loop, St. Louis

Almost a month and a half ago, I was in St. Louis for the 63rd American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting.  Among the talks, poster presentations, and hob-nobbing that went on, I had a bit of time to explore the city by myself.  One of the places I had researched before arriving was Delmar Loop, an artsy district in St. Louis.  There were tens of unique and cool restaurants and shops, I thought it was absolutely amazing.  And glad that I didn't live in the area, else I'd be broke...having spent all my money on vintage clothing and accessories, and records.

The first place that I saw open on the rainy Sunday morning.

Mannequins like these were decorated up and down the Loop.

Of course I had to find a record store.

And a vintage thrift store.

Lastly, the old-fashioned candy and soda store.  I tried to be artistic.

Visiting places like Delmar Loop makes me crave a walkable and unique area wherever I end up living.  I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.

More tourist-y pictures, Gateway Arch and the more historic area, to come.  And of course, the City Museum.

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Thursday, July 2

Blast to the Past: Brandon Flowers and "The Desired Effect"

Ahh, has it seriously been over a month since I've posted?  That's totally my fault, blogosphere.  I've definitely got a month's worth of blog posts that I'll get around to in the near future.

But until then, an easy music post.  This time, Brandon Flowers.  I'll be the first to say that I've never really been a Killers fan.  I guess they're not really my style...but Brandon Flowers' solo career is another story.  He's bringing back the 80s synth and rock styles and I'm reallyy diggin' it.  Case in point, I've been listening to this live set on repeat for the past week.

Also, here are photos from a wonderfully great magazine shoot he did a few months back.  Ugh, I love's like something out of the 80's.

Future posts to look out for:

  • Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness concert at The National
  • trip to St. Louis (namely the City Museum)
  • trip to Philadelphia (namely the Magic Gardens)

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