Sunday, January 25

Fashion Flashback to the 80's: Heathers

I watched the 1989 cult classic, Heathers, last night on a whim.  And let me just say, I had some sort of spiritual connection with the film.  First of all, the clothes (which will be the focus of this post).  I'm a 90's grunge girl myself, but the edgy 80's girl is equally as amazing and inspiring.  The prints, silhouettes, and hair definitely make a statement.  There's personality to it, something that unfortunately, the majority of the masses no longer have.  Secondly, the  "Dark comedy" is definitely the right label.

But now for the good stuff.  The double-breasted, color-coordinated goodness.  I guess it's time to go back into my closet and re-imagine some items that I thought were headed for the thrift store.  Speaking of which, it's taking all of my willpower (and my empty bank account) not to restock my closet with oversized blazers, kimonos, and vests.

The iconic outfit in all its glory.  Winona Ryder looks absolutely beautiful throughout the entire film.

Currently listening to: "Candy Store" Heathers: The Musical (fine, you caught me...there's a musical version of the movie)

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