Monday, April 27

Passion Pit at The Norva, Pt. 2

Last night, I had the privilege of going to my second Passion Pit concert at The Norva.  A bit of an impulsive decision, I drove down to Norfolk the day of, purchased a ticket, then spent the afternoon taking in downtown Norfolk before the show.  It was a recipe for the perfect day.

Passion Pit's latest album, Kindred, was released only this past Tuesday, but I had been listening to the album on repeat for over a week....not to mention their first two albums was the soundtrack to long days in lab for the past semester.

I absolutely love The Norva; I can safely say it's my favorite venue.  It's a great size, the atmosphere of it is perfect, and they've always got great bands playing.  Now for the good stuff...the concert was beyond amazing.  They performed almost all of Kindred, and of course, all the classics from Manners and Gossamer.  Michael Angelakos pours his soul into the songs and lyrics, and you can definitely tell.  A few years ago, he became vocal about his battle with bipolar disorder, about how it's affected his personal life and career.  It gives each Passion Pit performance I watch an extra level of depth and complexity.  He is definitely giving it his all, and I soaked it all in.

Some pictures of the day, unfortunately taken with my iTouch.

The famous dolphins that Norfolk is famous for.

 I'm all about the low quality, iTouch photos.  :(

Everyone needs days like this.  Impulsive decisions, alone or with friends, keep life interesting.

Currently listening to: "Whole Life Story" Passion Pit

Tuesday, April 21

Music Spotlight: The Hunts

Live music is a wonderful thing.  And local bands are just the icing on the top.  At The College's last Fridays @ 5 performance of the semester, The Hunts left us awestruck with their hour and a half long show.

The Hunts are an indie folk band from Chesapeake, VA.  The seven members in the band are all siblings, and no member of the family's talent is wasted.  Each member of the group plays a multitude of instruments and their ethereal sound and haunting harmonies are something really special.  After the first few songs, I knew I had to purchase their first CD and latest EP.  Their original music brings you immediately to a relaxed state and to a simpler time.

"Make This Leap"

"Hallelujah" cover

Currently listening to: "Remember Us" The Hunts