Monday, July 18

Summer Week 11: Begin Cinderella Transformation

Fact of the day: I clean for fun.

Or maybe I clean to de-stress. In any case, I spent the majority of today downstairs, scrubbing the carpet in the basement. A few months ago, the house had some sort of plumbing problem and.. messed up the carpet, to say the least. It wasn't anything too bad, but we haven't had time/incentive to clean it.

Luckily, for my parents, I have the incentive to clean anything and everything during the summer. Reading and doing absolutely nothing on the internets only lasts so long. (I'm excited to post all of the books I've read this summer in a later post.) So a good five hours of my day was spent scrubbing the carpet and..yeah, you've stopped reading by this point.

However, you are reading this on your own accord, so in the hopes that people are still here, I'll continue. The two rules at the house pertaining to my cleaning are:
1. Don't talk to me. I'm irritable.
2. You must do whatever I say.

It's not as if I get annoyed while cleaning, but it's just extra energy I need to exert by being nice to you? That sounds rude.. But the second rule is there because other people won't willingly choose to clean, so because I'm doing it, you must humor me. :) Usually it's just 'get me a cup of water' or 'bring me a trash bag,' so nothing too ridiculous.

I regret not taking 'Before' and 'After' pictures of the rooms in my house which I've cleaned this summer. It actually would've been really cool to see.

Imagine that's me. Except I'm Asian and scrubbing a carpet instead.

A little over a month left until WM!! SO EXCITED. :)

Currently listening to:
"White Christmas" University of Oregon On the Rocks (what can I say? It's Christmas in July)