Monday, September 23

A Warm Welcome to Autumn

Happy second day of autumn everyone!  I, along with the majority of bloggers, will hands-down call autumn my favorite season.  Leaves are changing, cozy sweaters and tights, and it's just chill enough to make you happy.  And of course the pumpkin...  :)

My first autumn weekend was spent well.  I went to the farmer's market this weekend and picked up some roasted red pepper goat cheese and found a couple new tops at a couple thrift stores near campus.

Some fall fashion inspiration:

Happy autumn everyone!  Go get yourself a warm pumpkin latte, I know I will.

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Monday, September 16

After the Month-long Hiatus

For any and all who read this blog, I apologize for the absence.  Initially, I hadn't much to write about..but after the first couple weeks, I just forgot about it and became wrapped up in the beginnings of senior year and all that.

Now for this post.  I could write about the new music I've been listening to, the fashion inspiration I've come across, my ongoing goal to life a more fit and healthy lifestyle, or how school and classes are going.  But that's a bit overwhelming for me.  So for now, this'll be a post about how I'm back and will try my hardest to post more regularly.

Thanks for reading and stick around.  :)

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