Wednesday, December 30

Reflections on 2015

Another year, another chance to start anew.  To work harder and do better at all the things we didn't get around to in 2015.  At least, that's what people tend to say.  I was pretty content with the way this year went but am extremely excited for what 2016 has to offer.

As the post title implies, I think this blog is a good a place as any for some thoughts about this past year, filled with some amazing concert experiences, so much grad school, and just overall good times.

1. Eternal gratitude in receiving a ticket to see Hamilton in a few short weeks. #nonstop
2. Second year Homecoming surprisingly topping the first.
3. Having some career revelations resulting in a change from forensic science into the field service world of analytical instruments.
4. Acquiring a real world job doing GC-MS analysis which is a great stepping stone to #3.
5. "If your PI didn't think you were ready to defend, he wouldn't be letting you."
6. Having an amazing AMITW concert experience with my brother.  Post can be found here.
7. All of the concerts and festivals; Lava Music Festival, ETC, Passion Pit, the list actually goes on and on.  And it's all been wonderful.
8. Being able to visit both LA and St. Louis with my sister.
9. Seeing so much live theater this year; Diner, In the Heights, Avenue Q.
10. Networking is a necessary evil but sometimes disguised as finding people who share your interests.
11. Typically, the only person stopping yourself from countless yourself.
12. You truly never know the internal demons people face until it's too late sometimes.
13. You can't just like things, you've also gotta do things.
14. This isn't new, but being alone doesn't always mean being lonely.
15. Being able to come back home after a long stint in Williamsburg.

Hope everyone welcomes 2016 with a bang.

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Tuesday, December 15

Happy Holidays from Norfolk

It's always a nice change when we get 70 degree days in December...a little strange, but nice.  I took a day this weekend to visit Norfolk and take advantage of my freedom.  I visited a holiday pop-up market, the NEON Holiday Market, and my friend who worked at Dickens' Christmas Towne.

I love these mermaid statues.  They're individually designed and can be found all over Downtown Norfolk.

The Arts District of Norfolk has some pretty great graffiti and I love me some urban art.

Graffiti in real-time.

NEON Holiday Market!

USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

Dickens' Christmas Towne at the Nauticus.

Watching an old college roommate perform.

With the end of my time in the Hampton Roads area drawing to a close, I was glad to be able to visit Norfolk one more time.  Who knows where the adventures will come from after graduation? I sure as hell don't.

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Monday, December 7

Holiday Spirit in Colonial Williamsburg

This weekend, I finally got out to CW to see the holiday decorations and visit some of the trade shops.  Submitting all of my master's thesis forms and papers on Friday allowed me to finally breathe...and convince myself that I could finally relax for a day.  Here are some photos from the day.

Inside one of the shops.

One of the perks of being a student at The College is free admission into the different trade shops and historical houses.




A young man announcing an auction in Market Square.

Exorbitant prices for hand-crafted goods and one-of-a-kind items.

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Tuesday, October 27

A Feast for the Eyes: Crimson Peak

This past weekend on campus was William & Mary's Homecoming.  While I'll post some pictures from the festivities of the weekend later, this post is about Crimson Peak.  My friends and I took an early-ish Sunday morning to get together like the good old days and watch a horror movie.  And while it wasn't quite a horror movie, it was a beautifully artistic ghost story...or a "gothic romance" as Tom Hiddleston put it.  I won't lie, I was holding onto every word Tom Hiddleston spoke.

Here are some shots from the film.

The Crimson Peak estate, in all its dilapidated glory.

I thought the movie was interesting; it may have combined one too many horror movie elements, but I appreciated the novelty of the story.  Everything was incredibly intricate, from the costumes to the house itself and I was glad that I was watching it on the big screen so I could take full advantage of it.  Definitely one to see again, if not only for the wonderfully romantic being that is Tom Hiddleston.

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Wednesday, October 14

2nd Sundays Craft Fair

Ah, Fall Break.  The well-deserved four day weekend for undergrads, and just another weekend on campus for a grad student trying to graduate by the end of the year.  However, I did get a chance to enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather this weekend by going to the 2nd Sundays Fair.

I also borrowed a DSLR from the library for the long weekend, but unfortunately wasn't able to take any really creative shots.  Sad to admit it, but I did Picasa-edit these photos, mainly for lighting and color modifications

Come on...a book signing about Washington and Hamilton?  I couldn't resist.

Everybody's favorite vintage bookstore in Merchant's Square.

Happy October!

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Sunday, October 4

Paris Fashion Week: Elie Saab SS16

I'm not usually one to follow fashion week or particular designers, but I came across a few Paris FW runway shows and I thought it was worth showcasing.  A collection of florals and lace, here are a few of my favorites.

The man of the hour himself, Elie Saab.

Currently listening to: Hamilton Cast Recording (as I have been doing non-stop (see what I did there?) for the past two weeks.