Wednesday, January 29

"If it's Tuesday, it must be snowing"

It's the third week of the semester and I have yet to have class on Wednesday.  For the second week in a row, a Tuesday snowfall has caused campus activities and classes to be canceled on Wednesday.

Before the cabin fever sets in, here's my idea of a perfect day in:

1)  Warm hot chocolate or tea.  I'll probably be making a chai latte later tonight.  Oversized sweater optional.

2)  Feel-good movies.  My genre of choice is least, they make me feel good.

3)  A creative outlet.  From food to crafts; I have supplies to make wire jewelry.  But I also have the makings for brownies and a killer fruit and yogurt smoothie.  So many choices.

4)  A quick "at home" workout.  Wait...that's just me?  My laziness may get the best of me today, but it's a nice thought.  This poster couldn't be more true today.

For everyone else stuck inside because of the snow, what are your plans?

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Thursday, January 16

Decisions, Decisions

Spoiler alert.  The post you are about to read is very much a stream of consciousness post.

The first day of the semester was yesterday.  Also known as the last day of my undergraduate career.  However, I'm still at home.  Hell, I'll even be missing the first weekend of this last semester.  I made the decision, with my parents' permission, to stay home an extra week.


One of my closest and dearest friends was visiting the States from Geneva.  I couldn't stand to not see him and other high school friends.  On the one hand, it felt like a bit of a selfish thing to ask my parents to let me stay.  But after more thought, I'm glad I did it.  I've lost countless high school friends because of my ridiculous introversion and it's something that I've been recently trying to reverse.  The past few weeks I've spent with my friends; eating, drinking, just hanging out have reminded me that I want to keep these relationships for as long as I can.

If the last two weeks are any indication as to what the rest of 2014 will bring me, I think it's gonna be a good year.

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Tuesday, January 7

2014 Resolutions: Fitness motivation!

A week into 2014.  That means it's resolution time, right?  Over the course of 2013, I've turned into a bit of a health nut.  My friends and family can definitely attest to that.  As a student, I have access to a gym and fitness classes and, without a meal plan, I make an effort to eat healthy.  It was an easy change for me, but I know that's not the case for everybody.

So here's some health/exercise motivation for everyone who's 2014 resolution is to start living a healthier lifestyle.  All pictures can be found on my pinterest.

Any change, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is a start.  Best of luck to all.

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