Monday, November 28

Fashion is what you make of it...literally.

A bit belated, but this is a quick fashion post about America Recycles Day.  I'm in a student environmental organization on campus and November 20th was the annual ARD, complete with a "trashion" show, which someone so wittingly called it.

I participated last year and this year my inspiration came from the LOVE Asymmetrical Maxi Dresses.  I'm in love with the dress, but could never see myself wearing it in "the real world."  So my solution was to make a version of the dress out of a trash bag.

Bethany Struble:

Me and my friend, wearing a suit made out of that air-filled stuff used to pack packages:

With my lack of time and enthusiasm nearing the actual day, I think it turned out okay.

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Friday, November 25

Thanksgiving lasts a day, but being thankful lasts forever.

It's early Friday morning.  On a day I don't have school, and I am up at 9:45am and have been for several hours.  Why?  It's Black Friday, of course.

My family loves getting a good deal, so it's no surprise that they enjoy Black Friday.  But it's only been recently that I've partaken..partook...whatever, participated, also.

I got a pair of boots for $20; nothing designer or brand-name, but I like them.  I also got a black strapless dress with pockets for $10.99; I got it at Ross, so that's actually the everyday price.  :)  I'm already picturing the dress with the boots I just got and the maroon lace tights that I already own.  Lastly, I got this white purse.  A coworker of my mom was giving away purses and my mom picked this one up.  I like the small, boxy shape and the thin strap.  Hopefully I'll get a lot of use out of these items.

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Friday, November 18

Changing Colors

It's finally the weekend! And the first weekend in a while, I think, that I haven't been super busy. Because of this, I think I'll try to enjoy it and leisurely starting to study for my finals.

I was planning to post a "what I'm thankful for" blog post, but got sidetracked by these gorgeous pictures I found of the WM campus during the fall. So I will share. Enjoy. :)