Monday, May 27

Summer Snapshots

I'm once again moved into my dorm on campus.  This summer, I'll be doing research with the Chemistry Department.  I was only home for a short time, but here's a quick selection of pictures from the past two weeks:

Lunch with my father and brother.

Fishing with my dad.  :)

Sibling dinner in Old Town!

Bánh hỏi dinner at home.

Jamestown Beach.

On the ferry to Surry.

 We went to Surry and all we got was a tank full of cheap gas.

Yankee Candle wall art.

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Thursday, May 23

I Just Wanna Dance

There seems to be an overall atmosphere of dance in my life right now.  These two songs, which definitely deserve a listen.  Choreography-writing for next semester of Spotlight.  Musicals that I've recently listened to: Newsies and Thoroughly Modern Millie, both dance musicals.  And the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance that aired last week.  Not a problem of course, just an observation.

"Holding Onto You" Twenty One Pilots

 "Safe and Sound" Capitol Cities

Only three more days until I head back to campus and start my summer of research and Williamsburg fun.  A very large part of me wishes I could stay at home this summer, for a multitude of reasons, but I guess now I have to make the most of my summer.  Which was always the intention.

Currently listening to: "Safe and Sound" Capitol Cities

Saturday, May 18

Fiesta Asia Street Fair in DC

Today, my family and I went to the Fiesta Asia Street Fair that took place on a few streets in DC.  It was a fairly small festival, but filled with vendors, performances, and crafts.  While there was a fairly constant sprinkle of rain, I had a good time.

The food:

The clothing:

The skills and abilities that are held by a shrinking few:

Fan calligraphy

Dough sculpting

Images made from carving the individual "negative spaces" into black paper

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Monday, May 13

"You are surrounding all my surroundings, twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes"

The last week has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions: from taking and not taking final exams, to finishing up junior year, and to saying goodbye to some very important Class of 2013 graduates.  I'm safely back home now, if only for two weeks, and I'm excited to see where this summer will take me, physically and emotionally.

I'll be doing research at The College for ten weeks this summer, but with a camera, backpack, and bike in tow, I'm determined to make this summer special.  Bike rides to the beach, reading (can anyone say John Green?), and general relaxing are definitely in order.

Mood board of the moment:



Francesca Jane Allen


Summer goals:


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Friday, May 3

"With this love like a hole, swallow my soul, draggin' me down"

You know that feeling when you only need to hear the first few seconds of a song before you fall completely in love with it?  Yeah, that happened this morning.  Driving back to campus from the best brunch place in Williamsburg, Five Forks, "Litost" by X Ambassadors came on the radio.  It's a gorgeous song and I instantly began choreographing a dance routine to it.



Currently listening to: "Litost" X Ambassadors