Tuesday, May 29

"We're not the same, dear, as we used to be"

I finally wore the Romwe top I bought months ago, for the first time today at work.  During the school year, I would think about wearing it, but always changed my mind.

And speaking of Romwe, they're having a great giveaway.  A gorgeous backless shift dress, a $50 voucher, and a secret gift.  Check out the giveaways on these blogs: helpihavenothingtowear, Masha Sedgwick, High-Stitched Voice, and shesconstance.

I take the pictures using a self-timer on my very old camera, so the majority of them come out pretty blurry.  But I'll admit, sometimes I like the blurry pictures better.

Also, oddly enough, I keep getting ideas for more blog posts.  I'm usually struggling to come up with things to post about.  Oh well.  I'm liking that I'll be updating my blog with purpose this summer.  A music post and a post about my summer dwellings are coming soon.  :)

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Sunday, May 27

"I'm at a payphone trying to call home"

My parents and little brother visited me again this weekend.  They don't come down every weekend, I promise... They really don't.  This is my first summer away from home, so I guess they miss me; hence the visits.  :)  But this weekend, we met up at Virginia Beach with some of my other relatives.  It was a gorgeous people-watching, boardwalk-walking, laying down in the sun, feeling the cool ocean breeze kind of day.

For some reason, I didn't bring my swimsuit, so couldn't really enjoy the beach to its fullest potential.  But I had fun away from campus and with family.  My family doesn't know how much I appreciate their visits, especially at a time where I'm just feeling particularly alone, physically and emotionally.

My attempt at artistic photography with a super old camera.

Parents!  This really is the cutest thing ever.  Cuter than all the kittens and puppies on the internet, and trust me because I do love my baby animals on the internet.

My oh, so elusive brother.  He's not one for pictures, but I can always be sure to snap some when we're at the beach.

I hope everyone's weekend also went swimmingly, no pun intended.  And now with my camera back in my possession, I hope to have more random photos up..including those pesky outfit shots.

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Wednesday, May 23

20 Things

As of last Monday, I am no longer a teen.  You're looking at the proud owner of twenty years on this earth.  I'm trying to make it sound super glamorous, but it really isn't.  I don't feel particularly different.  But I did have a great birthday weekend.

I worked Saturday, but was off Sunday and Monday.  My parents "surprised" me by coming down to visit me on Sunday.  And by surprise, I mean they called me the night before to make sure I would be free.  But it was nice to see them, seeing as this was my first summer away from home.  On Sunday, a friend of mine drove down to campus to see me.  I can't quickly describe how grateful I was that he came down, but let it be known that his presence was greatly appreciated and needed.

In honor of my birthday, I'm going to post twenty quick facts about myself, ranging from basic to weird facts.

1. My mom is the most amazing cook I know.
2. I am short; 5 foot 3 inches.
3. I love fashion because I can express myself without saying a word.
4. Fruit is the best dessert.
5. I'm a PC.
6. Absolutely love musicals.
7. My family means more to me than anything else in the world.
8. My favorite color to wear is cream.
9. I have really weird habits...
10. I love a cappella groups, and a cappella in general.


11. I did colorguard in high school and absolutely love it; always have and always will.
12. I have some weird dream of performing on Broadway as an ensemble member/dancer.
13. ...I'm not great at singing or dancing.
14. I love my school.
15. I get attached far too quickly and far too hard.
16. I want to go on a cross country road trip really bad.
17. ...I get carsick very easily.
18. I live for blog giveaways.  Not really, but yeah...
19. It got to the point during the school year that my friends would find it weird that I was wearing actual pants.  Who needs pants when you have tights?
20. I love the fashion blogosphere; it makes me feel less weird wearing the clothes I do around campus.

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Saturday, May 19

Minty Fresh

I apologize for the slightly melodramatic last couple of posts, I was going through a bit of a stressful time.  While it's not over, I'll try and keep it from dampening the spirits of my blog.

Summer trend that I'm loving right now: mint.  It really is a refreshing color and I'm glad it's getting its time to shine in the fashion light.  Pairing it with cream/white tones is absolutely perfect for the summer.  Enjoy!







Doesn't that just say refreshing to you?  :)  (Also, my birthday's in two days!)

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This is a bit of a personal post, just a reminder about where I was in this page of my life.

Marilyn Monroe :)


Pinned Image


[Edit]  This applies too well to have me not add it in.

"Friday I'm in Love" The Cure

"I Can't Make You Love Me/Love in the Nick of Time" Bon Iver

Neither of the songs I'm saying relate to my life, they were just comforting to hear.

"All I wanted was someone to hold me in their arms while I cried.  You did that for me.  Thank you."

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Thursday, May 17

Unlikely Combinations

It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me over the past couple of days.  From being completely and utterly content to having to face the ugly inevitable of a particular relationship was difficult.  Throw in 8 hour work days too.  :(  And it's not over yet by any means.  But of course, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

And now for a subtle segue; my inspiration for this post was leather and lace.  More specifically, the contrast between the light and feminine lace and the hard, edgy leather.  However, together, they make a gorgeous combination that I find hard to master.

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 Also, newfound obsession: The Kooks.  I know I'm years late, but better late than never.

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Saturday, May 12

Take a Walk

It has happened.  I officially (well, as of yesterday morning) have Passion Pit concert tickets.  And now I can finally stop complaining about not being able to see them.  :)  I'm so excited and even though the concert itself is in a couple months, I'm already thinking about what I'm going to wear.

This is the type of feel I'm going for, but I'll be sure to post photos:



I've never been one to go to concerts just because a band I liked was playing; not by choice.  But I've been slowly going to more concerts and seeing more live bands/artists.  The Cold War Kids concert that some friends and I went to a few weeks ago was underwhelming...they had an incredibly short set and didn't play some songs that my roommate and I wanted to hear.  We dragged along our...significant others to the concert, so they didn't really have an opinion either way.

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Thursday, May 3

Summertime and the living is easy

My first week of finals is officially over!  Well, over as of noon today.  I had three finals this week and my last one is next Wednesday.  So I think I'm just going to laze around and leisurely study General Chemistry II for the next couple days.  Unfortunately even with a few days until my last exam, I won't be able to go to my sister's college graduation on Saturday.  :(  And I'll only see her for a few hours when I go back home.

I'm working on campus this summer (free housing, free meal plan, and a stipend).  The job itself is nothing great, but the perks are pretty sweet.  I know a good amount of people staying here also, so I won't be too bored.  I do have personal goals and things I want to do here during the summer:
- read the Hunger Games trilogy
- go to the gym (hopefully...we'll see)
- attempt to cook meals for myself (to ease myself into the transition to real life..or just less of a meal plan)
- enjoy the beautiful campus during the summer
- go thrifting...often
- actually take those outfit photos I said I was going to

Speaking of which...here is my first set of outfit photos.  Don't laugh, I never said I was photogenic.



Me trying to be cool:

I was pretty impressed with the total cost of the outfit.  I got the top at Rue21 for $3.00 and the shorts I mentioned in a previous post for $2.50.  But all in all, a nice outfit for a warm Williamsburg day.

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