Tuesday, September 16

Project Runway Season 13: Personal Favorites

Season 13 of Project Runway is already half over, and I forget why I ever stopped watching it.  A relatively drama-free season is accompanied with new challenges and innovative designs.

Here's a list of my favorites so far.

Episode 4: A Suitable Twist
While I'm not really a fan of Amanda Valentine's boho aesthetic, I thought this men's suit-turned-fringe dress was a great upcycling of the otherwise, unfortunate suit.

Episode 7: Priceless Runway
Another Amanda Valentine garment.  Another garment I wasn't a fan of during its conception or even while walking down the runway.  However, upon second glance, I think it's pretty badass.  Even without the jeweled bracelet.

Episode 7: Priceless Runway
Korina Emmerich's gown and coat ensemble just makes a statement.  Aside from the coat being immaculately made, the dress was no simple background piece.

Episode 7: Priceless Runway
I think I really just loved this episode.  The third garment from the episode comes from Kini Zamora.  Even though he ended up being in the bottom, I would wear this gorgeous gown in a heartbeat.  If only I had an event fancy enough to warrant wearing it.

Episode 8: The Rainway

Sean Kelly envisioned and created the most clever garment I've ever seen on Project Runway.  With the added spin of walking down a "rainway", he created a dye-infused white dress that transformed as it came down the runway.  Genius.

Be on the lookout for a recap of my favorites from the last half of the season.  Or beforehand if I feel so inclined.

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