Monday, October 3

Falling Behind

I absolutely love the mid-60s it's been on campus for the past couple of days. My favorite part about fall is definitely being able to be more creative with my outfit choices (yes, this may be turning into a fashion blog). I wish I could post my outfit from today because I love it.
Also, I have to give Love kudos for making me love (no pun intended) their asymmetrical maxi dresses. I've never been a big fan of maxi dresses, or the 'short in front, long in back' dresses I've been seeing for a while, but they do it so well. Here's a link to fashion blogger, Rachel-Marie from jaglever, in the dress. Black and the maroon are my favorite colors. :) I may even try to recreate a dress like that for America Recycles Day, therefore using recyclable materials. That should be fun. I'll try to get pictures of that dress if I end up making it.

As for life, it's pretty busy. I will say that I have fallen behind in my classes, but hopefully a majority of Fall Break will be dedicated to catching up on Organic Chemistry II. The frustrating part of the course is that while it is really interesting, it's super difficult for me to internalize the reactions and mechanisms. Urgh. #chemmajorproblems

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