Tuesday, September 22

ETC Festival & Johnnyswim

Trying to maximize the good times in the Hampton Roads area before I graduate (and hopefully relocate back to the DC area), a friend and I went to Town Point Park in Norfolk for the Embrace the Culture music festival.  Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration...we arrived in the evening in time for the last two big acts, Johnnyswim and The Mowgli's.

I was most excited for Johnnyswim, having heard of the LA married couple a few years back.  Folk, soul, blues are all words that could be used to describe this duo.  We didn't get to the festival in time to hear their entire set, so I'm already keeping an eye on their tour for another chance to see them.

Johnnyswim and a beautiful sunset by the water.

I expected nothing other than mermaids at a festival in Norfolk.

And the Mowgli's to end the night.

The park.

Who says grad school isn't fun?  Ughh, and now back to the grind that is thesis-writing and experiments.

Currently listening to: "Diamonds" Johnnyswim

Wednesday, September 9

Project Runway, Season 14: Gunn and Heid

It's that time of year again, when I 

Last week's episode of Project Runway involved the designers creating garments using paintball-inspired colors and materials.  And as all team challenges go, this episode was full of team drama and breakdowns.  The photos below are the garments from the winning team, who took time to carefully create their textile, which made their collection cohesive.

Designer: Edmond Newton
Edmond Newton's Season 14 Episode 5 Final Look

Designer: Blake Patterson
Blake Patterson's Season 14 Episode 5 Final Look

Designer: Jake Wall
Jake Wall's Season 14 Episode 5 Final Look

Designer: Joseph Poli
Joseph Charles Poli's Season 14 Episode 5 Final Look

Designer: Merline Labissiere
Merline Labissiere's Season 14 Episode 5 Final Look

Designer: Swapnil Shinde
Swapnil Shinde's Season 14 Episode 5 Final Look

My personal favorites from this collection were from Edmund and Jake.  Both pieces, I thought, had a bit of edge and modernity to them.

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