Saturday, August 27

Déjà vu?

After having a small taste of what sophomore year would bring, Hurricane Irene forces The College to evacuate the entire student body.

What that means for me is a four-day weekend back at home, but the best part about coming home was the look on my mom's face when she saw me. Backtracking...I didn't let my mom know that I'd be coming home. Hours after the announcement about the evacuation, there were buses chartered to come back to NoVa that night. I let my dad in on the surprise and he picked me up when the buses came in. However, I just went to sleep and surprised both my mom and brother the next morning. :)

While it's nice to be home, I'll be glad to be back at school again..even if that means coming back to a flooded basement dorm.

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The Weather Channel (yay, Irene.)

Monday, August 15

New World Splendor Meets Old World Charm

I love living where I live. It's literally a stone's throw away from our lovely nation's capitol, but still has the heart of a small town..for a short time once a year. This past weekend was the annual county fair and I went with my sister.

There was the usual: pony rides and racing piglets, carny rides, and dozens of vendors. However, what I came to the fair for specifically was the "Civil War Historymobile." While I'm not a Civil War buff, I really enjoy American history and just couldn't pass up the chance to see the exhibit. It was essentially a large trailer with different rooms and interactive exhibits about the Civil War.

Just thought I'd post my best attempt at taking an artistic picture. The quality got a bit messed up when I uploaded, but whatever.

In other news, one more week until I'm back in beautiful Williamsburg. I was getting a little tired of the 21st century anyway. :)

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"Never Gonna Give You Up" On the Rocks

Monday, August 8

Bored? Noo.

I've been asked the question, "What do you actually do all day?" so many times this summer.  I feel like it's time for the general, though still insufficient response of 'lookbook and fashion blogs'.

I know I just posted, but I couldn't go any longer without having a look by Kerti Pahk. She's an Estonian graphic design student. I religiously follow her blog and about five or ten others, whose looks I'll post sooner or later.

If you too ever get bored, here's her blog. She's just gorgeous and I love her style.

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"Re: Your Brains" Yale Whiffenpoofs

Summer Week 13: So Close to the End

With a little over two weeks until sophomore year begins, I am so ready to start school again. While being home has been fun, I miss my friends, the campus, and learning. Twamp, I know.

Things I'll miss most about being home:
- my mother's cooking :)
- my family
- my bed

My five closest friends and I have a sort of 'good news, bad news' deal in terms of living arrangements. Good news: the six of us will be living together, in three adjacent rooms. Bad news: we'll be in a basement. It's a big step down from from Barrett, but it'll be fun. Here we come, Stith Basement.

Changing rooms every year is a fun excuse to switch up your room layout, something I can't do at home as easily. Thumbs up for artistic expression.

Interior Design Inspiration:

Classy, like the color scheme, a little too busy, but nice. Also nice is this, I really like all of the light and the exposed brick wall.

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