Saturday, March 31


There's nothing like a good winterguard show to make me all warm and tingly inside.  For those who don't know, I did colorguard and winterguard throughout high school and freshman year of college.  Needless to say, I loved it, and still do.  There's little that I didn't absolutely love about it.  I wish I could do it forever (or at least as long as my body would let me), and I wish I were still doing it now.

Just thinking about it causes me to reminisce about high school and the overall sadness that comes with not being able to do something you love.  Last semester, I was able to sneak a last guard performance into my show choir's spring showcase.  I performed a solo to "Moth's Wings" by Passion Pit.  It was great and it started my now obsession for Passion Pit.

Here's a little walk back in time of my guard history.

2011 WM Winterguard Show 

2010 WL HS Winterguard Show 

2009 WL HS Marching Show 

2009 WL HS Winterguard Show 

2008 WL HS Marching Show

2007 WL HS Marching Show

And the catalyst for this post, Impact Winterguard's 2012 show.  It kills me that I could never be a part of this guard; the memories and things I would've learned would have been so worth the time and pain.

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Wednesday, March 28


There are a few things that have jumped to the top of my imaginary "gotta try" list.  Stripes, lace, and a blazer.  I've never been one for blazers on myself, but the mix between feminine lace and the more masculine shape of the blazer has grown on me.

I particularly love the color palette of these pictures; the cream, navy, grays, and brownish tones all work very well together.

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Why this song only has around 2,000 views is beyond me.

Sunday, March 25

"Once we get going, we're never gonna stop"

This weekend has kind of been a recharging of my batteries.  I had three exams this past week and none this coming week, so I just let myself sleep.  I didn't even set my phone alarm.  Shocker, I know.  But with all my free time, I learned how to fishtail braid.  And was met again with the realization that my hair doesn't braid well; it's not thin and doesn't like to do anything but lay straight.  First world problems, I know.

Also, just came from watching The Hunger Games with my block.  Aside from a bit of corny dialogue, I have no complaints.  I'm hoping to read the books this summer.  Oh, post coming on my summer plans.

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Thursday, March 22


"  I can finally see that you're right there beside me
I am not my own, for I have been made new
Please don't let me go I desperately need you  "

I've always been a fan of the way that Adam Young, Owl City frontman, wrote songs.  You can always tell an Adam Young creation because of the unconventional, but oh so fitting lyrics.  These lyrics to "Meteor Shower," however, say exactly what they need five lines.

Currently listening to: "Meteor Shower" Owl City