Monday, September 29

"Women in Clothes"

Here's a coffee table book for those who live, breath, and read fashion.  "Women in Clothes" is a compilation of interviews, surveys, and candid conversations from hundreds of women, all answering the larger question of: how has fashion and personal style affected and influenced who they are today and how it is a reflection of their passions and experiences.

A book that's definitely on my list, it's refreshing to hear personal stories of the non-famous.  While we would all like to say that Christian Louboutin stilettos and a Birkin bag are our "spirit accessory", it's the real un-glamorous stories and accounts that will hit home.

NPR had an interview with the co-authors earlier in the month.  Listen to the full NPR interview here.

Co-authors of "Women in Clothes" (from left): Sheila Heti, Leanne Shapton, Heidi Julavits

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Tuesday, September 23

Fall Fashion 2014: Accessorizing

It's officially fall!  Every blogger's favorite season for so many reasons.

And if you're like me, your outfits will be almost exclusively filled with neutrals.  So what makes an outfit special now are the accessories.  Here are some necessary accessories for this fall.

If you're not quite ready to let go to summer, a tribal print cardigan will do the trick.  This one is a perfect mix of a bright print and warmth.

Rings by the dozen.  The more, the better.  I personally wear home-made wire rings that I made with just 24-gauge silver wire.  The beautiful oxblood nail polish and warm drink are optional.

Scarves are definitely ubiquitous during the fall.  I particularly love the the color and texture of this Nordstrom scarf.

Leather, leather, leather.  I love a good leather backpack and this one definitely hits the mark.  Just the right size for running errands or just going to class.

And finally, who doesn't love a pair of sleek Chelsea boots?  The added texture of these takes your outfit to another level.

What are your staples for fall?

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Tuesday, September 16

Project Runway Season 13: Personal Favorites

Season 13 of Project Runway is already half over, and I forget why I ever stopped watching it.  A relatively drama-free season is accompanied with new challenges and innovative designs.

Here's a list of my favorites so far.

Episode 4: A Suitable Twist
While I'm not really a fan of Amanda Valentine's boho aesthetic, I thought this men's suit-turned-fringe dress was a great upcycling of the otherwise, unfortunate suit.

Episode 7: Priceless Runway
Another Amanda Valentine garment.  Another garment I wasn't a fan of during its conception or even while walking down the runway.  However, upon second glance, I think it's pretty badass.  Even without the jeweled bracelet.

Episode 7: Priceless Runway
Korina Emmerich's gown and coat ensemble just makes a statement.  Aside from the coat being immaculately made, the dress was no simple background piece.

Episode 7: Priceless Runway
I think I really just loved this episode.  The third garment from the episode comes from Kini Zamora.  Even though he ended up being in the bottom, I would wear this gorgeous gown in a heartbeat.  If only I had an event fancy enough to warrant wearing it.

Episode 8: The Rainway
Sean Kelly envisioned and created the most clever garment I've ever seen on Project Runway.  With the added spin of walking down a "rainway", he created a dye-infused white dress that transformed as it came down the runway.  Genius.

Be on the lookout for a recap of my favorites from the last half of the season.  Or beforehand if I feel so inclined.

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Saturday, September 13

Street Style at NYFW

New York Fashion Week is all but over and here's a list of my personal favorites.

That jacket.  Ah, keeping the rest of the outfit cool and casual make the pattern work.

It doesn't get better than men in suits.

Perfect classy, yet cool outfit for the hot and muggy NY weather.

Monochromatic outfit and a damn cool camera.

Edgy friends in neutral outfits.

Who says you can't have too much of a good thing?  Here's a pair with patterns galore.

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Monday, September 8

40 Ways to Stay Creative

I can't say that I'm glad I decided to live alone in an apartment for grad school, but I can't say that I regret it either.  It definitely has its pros and cons; costs, freedom, independence, and the responsibility of owning my own place.

What I have quickly figured out here is that I need a creative hobby.  Browsing the internet can only entertain me for so long, and after a year and a half, I want to have done something other than science.  So I found this infographic on Pinterest and think it's a pretty good start.

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You can bet that I'll be first in line to see that movie next February.

Wednesday, September 3

Vietnam/Cambodia Trip: Toursleng Genocide Museum

One of the places we visited while in Cambodia was the Toulsleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh.  Originally a high school, the Khmer Rouge regime turned it into a interrogation/execution center, known at Security Prison 21 (S-21), from 1975 to 1979.  The museum showcased letters, interviews, and recreated torture rooms.

One of the men who survived the interrogation center was at the site, with copies of his book.  I can't even imagine the things he experienced and witnessed.

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