Tuesday, July 5

"It's a little bit funny.."

"Yeah, you would like him. You tend to like crooners."

This is what my sister said when I informed her of my latest music discovery. When I thought about it, I guess she's right. It's not so much what's being sung, it's how it's being sung. So the idiom about being able to sing the phonebook, yeah..he could do it and I would be hanging onto every word.

But back to the present; the guy's name is Cameron Mitchell. Check him out. Do it. I first heard about him from "The Glee Project" (don't judge). His style will surprise few of you; I guess you could say he's "my type." But his voice is just something special. If you can humor me further, go to his youtube page and listen to "Clarity" or "Stop This Train." Ooh, or look up him performing "Your Song," by Elton John or as I know it, from Moulin Rouge.

Okay, that's my pitch for him. He's the one on the bottom and one on the top is the reason I actually started watching "The Glee Project." His name's Damian McGinty and he's in Celtic Thunder, who I also listen to. But yeah, good guys.

So posting the picture straight to the blog seemed to work this time, but I've been trying to edit other posts that also have image links, but the picture never ended up being the size that I wanted, and I'm far too inept at script to do it right. =/ Haha, that last bit wasn't really necessary, but I decided to add it anyway. Hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July.

Currently listening to:
"Stop This Train" Cameron Mitchell cover (big surprise)

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