Sunday, June 16

Turquoise and High-Waisted

I can confidently say that this weekend was a success, in the thrifting and crafting sense.  Yesterday, I bought some great things at Goodwill: a racerback dress with an exposed zipper going all the way down the back, a pair of jeans that will soon be made into my first pair of high-waisted shorts, and Naturalizer boots, all for under 16 dollars.

For less than six dollars, I bought 24 gauge silver wire and beads.  I was inspired by turquoise and DIY wire rings.  So with a set of pliers in hand, I blindly started making rings.

Three hours and 15 new rings later, I decided I was probably done.  For this weekend, at least.

Definitely a weekend well spent.  I think I may have to stay away from Goodwill for a while though; I've been going weekly.  I'm surprised we're not on a first-name basis yet.

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