Sunday, November 10

Weekends in Williamsburg

This weekend was the right amount of business.  I spent Saturday with Spotlight, flyering the campus and visiting the new bakery that opened in CW.  Today, I worked in my research lab for a few hours, then rewarded myself by visiting the 2nd Sunday Arts and Crafts fair in CW.

Here are just some pictures from the weekend:

The gorgeous sight that is early fall morning on campus.  Oh, and the Crim Dell Bridge.  Just voted one of the most romantic spots on any campus, no big deal.

Busts in the Tyler Garden.

Glass bottle artwork.

The entertainment.

An artist turning photographs into drawings.

The evening ended with a spaghetti squash pasta dinner and a warm cup of Vietnamese coffee.  :)  Few weekends are as gorgeous as this one, you've gotta take advantage of them when they come.

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