Saturday, May 28

"kathy darling, have you never heard of the phrase 'nobody said it would be easy"?"

Summer's officially here! How do I know? It's far too hot here and my day consists of...well, nothing really.

But I'm not here to complain about having nothing to do, I'm here to physically list out my goals and expectations for next fall semester. Grades for the spring semester were posted a few weeks ago and they were not stellar. I'd been edging around the topic whenever my mom would bring it up, but knew that I'd eventually tell her what they were.

I was pretty disappointed with myself in regard to my grades, predominantly because with the amount of free time I had during the week, I spent very little of it doing additional studying. It's no one's fault but mine, but it's hard for me to change. In high school, I got by with fairly good grades doing little to no work on most assignments. The amount of effort that I would put into my assignments would get me pretty far, but I've soon realized that that same amount of effort got me far less in college courses. I don't know, maybe the transition between not trying and actually trying is a little hard for me. Well, I guess three months trapped in my house will give me time to 'think about what I've done.'

So essentially I'm writing this post in order to list my goals..which are as follows:
1. B's and higher next semester
2. preferably 1-2 A's...can't expect too much, now can I? I'll even accept the A's being in labs.
3. have a plan for undergrad research for the Spring
4. been a good Social Chair for Spotlight
5. read the textbook for my classes..
Optional: have fun (jk...)

The title for this blog post comes from a Skype conversation I was having with my friend about this very subject a few weeks back. He's one of my closest friends and I miss him dearly. =]

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