Sunday, May 8

Surprises, music, and Natty..a whole lotta Natty, oh my!

This weekend marks the last weekend of my freshman year at The College. And it certainly has been full of surprises. It all started when my friends blindfolded me and took me to this restaurant in Merchant's Square. It's been kind of a trend between my group of friends, but because my birthday no longer falls within the academic year, they decided to have an early surprise birthday for me.

That was, Friday. And now for Saturday, quite possibly the widest range of emotions I've had this entire year. The link below really does represent the theme of last night.

Essentially, my favorite a cappella group here and one of my favorite parts about this college, The Stairwells, had their final concert yesterday afternoon. So obviously me and two of my friends got there hella early and proceeded to wait. While I only know one of them personally, I've sort of grown attached to many of the people in the group, especially the seniors. So it was sad to see them perform for the last time.

Also, as an extension of my surprise birthday weekend, my friends decided to get one of The Stairwells to sing happy birthday for me. Definitely the highlight of my day...maybe even longer than that.

The night that followed however is explained with the "500 Days" scene. What I did learn about myself was that I haven't really changed much since last year in terms of social awkwardness and getting jealous. I had the chance to make that night a lot better for myself, but couldn't get out of my comfort zone.

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