Sunday, September 4

Living the Life

My first weekend back at school was almost everything I could have asked for.  On Friday night, after discussing the night's plans for far too long, we decided to jump the wall.  To explain, there is a long-standing tradition at The College that each student complete the Triathlon before they graduate.

The Triathlon consists of:
1. Jumping the wall (and doing the maze) at the Governor's Palace in CW
2. Streaking the Sunken Gardens
3. Swimming through the Crim Dell (to the bridge and back)

The experience was a lot of fun and I can only wonder if I end up completing the other two.  As for Saturday, my group of friends and I went to CW for free cider, then studied the afternoon away at Barnes & Noble.  When we got back, we watched the oh, so unfortunate football game between WM and UVA, watched "The Social Network", and had a very interesting discussion/conversation.

All in all, a great way to spend a weekend before schoolwork starts to pile up.

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