Saturday, August 27

Déjà vu?

After having a small taste of what sophomore year would bring, Hurricane Irene forces The College to evacuate the entire student body.

What that means for me is a four-day weekend back at home, but the best part about coming home was the look on my mom's face when she saw me. Backtracking...I didn't let my mom know that I'd be coming home. Hours after the announcement about the evacuation, there were buses chartered to come back to NoVa that night. I let my dad in on the surprise and he picked me up when the buses came in. However, I just went to sleep and surprised both my mom and brother the next morning. :)

While it's nice to be home, I'll be glad to be back at school again..even if that means coming back to a flooded basement dorm.

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The Weather Channel (yay, Irene.)

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