Friday, October 26

Hark Upon the Gale

More families than usual walking around campus and a weekend full of events?  It must be Homecoming Weekend.  :)

Seeing all of the alum, those I know and those who were here long before I was even born, makes me anticipate and dread the inevitable day when I'll no longer be a student here.  It's incredibly frightening to have to think about life after college, but I'll be alright.  Can't stay in school forever.

Our Alma Mater:
Hark! the students' voices swelling
Strong and true and clear.
Alma Mater's love they're telling,
Ringing far and near.

William and Mary loved of old
Hark upon the gale,
Hear the thunder of our chorus
Alma Mater - Hail.

All thy sons are faithful to thee,
Through their College days,
Singing loud from hearts that love thee,
Alma Mater's praise.

Iron-shod or golden-sandaled
Shall the years go by
Yet our hearts shall weave about thee
Love that cannot die.

God, our Father, hear our voices
Listen to our cry;
Bless the College of our fathers,
Let her never die. 

Also....100th post!  :)

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