Wednesday, December 19

I'll Be Home for Christmas..

Another stressful semester over, family time and lots of lounging around to look forward to.  I'm quite proud of myself for taking the time this semester to use my CW mug for cider and hot chocolate, actually being able to releax and do fun things (like concerts), and not go crazy with schoolwork.  However, my GPA may not have appreciated that last one.

But I am definitely ready to go home.  Plans for the break include: cleaning my room (of course), baking with family, and being super crafty with all my free time.  Expect many blog posts in the near future!

While I spend the last few hours on campus before I take the bus home, I'm listening to this new band.  New to me, that is.  They're called the Generationals and they just have a cool sound.

Currently listening to: "Ten Twenty Ten" Generationals

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