Sunday, December 9

Stitches in Time

I've decided what I want for Christmas.  And putting it in print will solidify my desires, I feel.  I want...a sewing machine.  Nothing new, nothing shiny.  Just a working sewing machine.  My grandmother has one, and I may even ask if I can have that one.

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I've been wanting a real hobby for a while now.  My roommate knits and I was thinking of starting because I love all of the cozy, winter things that can be knit.  Whether or not I actually obtain a sewing machine, I'm probably going to sew/make some skirts and scarves over the winter break.  There must be something in the winter air that makes me go to my creative place.  Any project ideas?

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, off to keep studying the dreaded PChem.  It's finals week for the next week and a half and I. am. scared.  It's beyond stressed or worry, it's now fear.  I just hope all goes well, and I still have another scintillating semester of PChem II in the spring.  Wish me luck!

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