Thursday, May 23

I Just Wanna Dance

There seems to be an overall atmosphere of dance in my life right now.  These two songs, which definitely deserve a listen.  Choreography-writing for next semester of Spotlight.  Musicals that I've recently listened to: Newsies and Thoroughly Modern Millie, both dance musicals.  And the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance that aired last week.  Not a problem of course, just an observation.

"Holding Onto You" Twenty One Pilots

 "Safe and Sound" Capitol Cities

Only three more days until I head back to campus and start my summer of research and Williamsburg fun.  A very large part of me wishes I could stay at home this summer, for a multitude of reasons, but I guess now I have to make the most of my summer.  Which was always the intention.

Currently listening to: "Safe and Sound" Capitol Cities

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