Wednesday, January 29

"If it's Tuesday, it must be snowing"

It's the third week of the semester and I have yet to have class on Wednesday.  For the second week in a row, a Tuesday snowfall has caused campus activities and classes to be canceled on Wednesday.

Before the cabin fever sets in, here's my idea of a perfect day in:

1)  Warm hot chocolate or tea.  I'll probably be making a chai latte later tonight.  Oversized sweater optional.

2)  Feel-good movies.  My genre of choice is least, they make me feel good.

3)  A creative outlet.  From food to crafts; I have supplies to make wire jewelry.  But I also have the makings for brownies and a killer fruit and yogurt smoothie.  So many choices.

4)  A quick "at home" workout.  Wait...that's just me?  My laziness may get the best of me today, but it's a nice thought.  This poster couldn't be more true today.

For everyone else stuck inside because of the snow, what are your plans?

Currently listening to: "Luck Be A Lady" Guys and Dolls

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