Thursday, May 1

The Road to Graduation

Ten.  There are a mere ten days left until Commencement.  Ten days left until undergrad is over.  Like all seniors, the common question of "So what are your post graduation plans?" is a not so pleasant reminder that the end is really coming.

For me, that future is partially planned out.  After a well deserved vacation with my family and a real summer with my friends, I'll be returning to WM to start a Master's program in Chemistry.  Ack.  What was I thinking as I signed my life away for the next two years?  Only time will tell.

With all the reservations I have about grad school, and there are many, there is a silver lining.  I get to both delay my entrance into the "real world", but will be able to get my own place which is one of the only real benefits of said "real world."  And anyway, it is every Pinterest-er's/thrifter's dream to be able to furnish an apartment from top to bottom.  Fingers crossed, I do hope I end up living somewhere in the Fall and that there's some semblance of personality in my place.

Printed pillows, bold artwork, and plants are a definite must have for next year.

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