Wednesday, February 26

Not So Intrspective Introspection

With less than three days and a laundry list of things I need to get done before Spring Break, I've swapped Swem Library for the gym as my second home on campus.  As for Spring Break plans, I don't need to work my brain too hard to figure out where I really want to go.

New York City.  I don't need a Buzzfeed quiz to tell me that NYC is my spirit city.  Everything I love most about life, Broadway, fashion, art and history, has a distinct home somewhere in the city.

I want to walk.  I want to visit Grand Central Terminal.  I want to walk down Broadway and take pictures at every big theatre.  I want to "go see a mother f***in' Broadway show."  I want my first meal in NYC to be a hot dog from a hot dog stand.  I even want to smell the oh-so-nauseating smell of the grimy NYC streets.  I want to visit a real Chinatown.  I want to take the Subway down to the artsy part of the city.  I want to people watch on a bench in Central Park.  I want to not so coincidentally run into Lin-Manuel Miranda.  I want to take the Staten Island Ferry there and back again at night, with the silhouette of the city lit up in the background.  I want to see an evening show at 54 Below.  I want to window shop in the Garment District, and maybe even splurge on something that costs and arm and a leg.  I want to visit the Strand Bookstore.  I want to go vintage shopping in the East Village.  I want to see an up and coming show off-Broadway.  I want to stand in the middle of Times Square and be deafened by the cacophony of taxis, cars, and people.  I want to never be finished discovering the city and its hidden treasures.

I want to take in all New York City has to offer.

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