Wednesday, October 15

Fashion in Film: Looking Good in the Real World

The idea for this blog post came from a blogger I follow.  She listed some of her favorite movies for fall fashion.  I've been wanting to showcase a few favorite movies of mine as well, so I decided to do the same.  But I chose a few movies with just general fashion goodness, regardless of season.

1. That Awkward Moment
Imogen Poots is my favorite type of New Yorker; edgy, chic, and dressed for the weather.  Also, all the beautiful tailored suits.

2. Definitely, Maybe
I've definitely got a girl crush on Isla Fisher.  I think what really did it for me in this movie were the New York lofts and rooftops.

3. Like Crazy
My college roommate would disown me if I didn't add this beautifully crafted movie to the list.  Ah, Felicity Jones.  What more is there to say?  She absolutely captures the simple chic.

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