Sunday, October 26

Project Runway Season Finale

The season 13 finale for Project Runway was last Thursday and the four finalists presented their collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Sean, Kini, Amanda, and Char presented collections that were very much a physical manifestation of their style and fashion point of view.  Sean Kelly came out on top, his chic and clean aesthetic working very well with his signature fringe.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the season finale.

Amanda Valentine's gorgeously patterned maxi dress and exquisitely designed jewelry.

Kini with, no surprise, a perfectly executed denim dress.

Char's printed romper with an open back is perfect for the urban city girl that she designs for.

Char's printed crop top and pant outfit shows that this summer pairing isn't out of style yet.

My personal favorite: a beautifully draped white dress with a pop of fringe at the back.

And last but not least, Sean's elegant, black fringe dress.

Fellow finalists Fade Zu Grau, Sandhya Garg, Emily Payne, Alexander Knox, and Korina Emmerich also presented collection at NYFW.

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