Saturday, February 11

The Art of Journaling

Hello blogosphere, it's been a while.  Major updates on this end, that'd be conventions, concerts, family, and work.  I obviously want to blog more regularly, but life gets in the way.  Let's see how long this streak goes.

This is a teaser post actually.  My siblings and I have quite a trip prepared for us in late April-early May and as a bit of a creative momento, I want to attempt to keep a travel journal throughout the trip.  Particularly trying to include sketches, thoughts, and the events of the day.  I've been scouring Pinterest and found some solid pinspiration.

I think this tea bag idea is brilliant. I might have to steal this idea with candy wrappers or even tea bags.

I hope to be able to take advantage of waiting time at airports, restaurants, stores, or to find some time throughout the trip to sketch and gather thoughts.

For now, I need to find myself a journal and with all these thoughts and ideas I've got in my head, I figure I can at least try out a couple pages before the trip itself.  I'm thinking to include a map highlighting the major locations we'll be visiting on our trip, and maybe doing some preliminary sketching. Wish me luck!  Any and all advice is encouraged and welcomed!

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