Sunday, March 12

Katsucon 2017: League of Legends photoshoot

Katsucon 2017 has come and gone, and it was another amazing weekend at the Gaylord in National Harbor.  I can't say this enough, but I absolutely love the Gaylord Convention Center for anime conventions, especially for one that's known for the abundance and quality of cosplay.

Among the people-watching and panels, I ended up going to a League of Legends photoshoot at the fountain.  And as per usual, during the photoshoot, I was just thinking up what which champion I'd like to create a cosplay for. Ahh one of these days, I'll make a costume or prop using non-textile materials like foam, silicone, or plastic.  For now, enjoy these photos!

Ugh so amazing. It's always a slight surprise for me knowing that there's a good percentage of congoers who spend the weekend being photographed and doing photoshoots in the many "biomes" within the convention area.

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