Thursday, April 7


Super impromptu, but completely necessary blog post headed your way. Starting now.

This past weekend, as I started in a previous post, was AIA Championships. And while the guard of which I am now a part didn't really do anything of note, my old high school guard won first place in both prelims and finals. At AIA Championships. I repeat for further emphasis.

But the reason for a post at this time is that my lovely guard girls have been putting up pictures from Championships and just guard love in general. And while I am so incredibly proud and happy and just full of love for them and my coach and my high school and everything that encompassed my high school guard experience, I just miss it. Everything about it, the people, my coach, the love for guard that she gave me because of her ridiculous talent and dedication, and just everything.

I realize that this post may be somewhat scattered, but I'm just writing whatever comes to mind. Looking at those pictures was giving me this frustrating feeling in the pit of my stomach because I love guard, so much. And the fact that I am not in a position to continue doing guard to the extent which I would like, I feel, bothers me the most.

Everyone needs something that makes them feel good, and I cannot lose mine now. However, life does what it does for a reason, right?

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