Tuesday, April 5

Oh free time, I had forgotten how much I loved you...

Ahh I finally have my four precious hours from 5pm to 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays back to myself. At least, for the most part. Two of my extra-curriculars essentially ended this past weekend. I had AIA Championships on Saturday and my Spring Showcase for Show Choir on Sunday. So needless to say, this weekend was busyy.

But the best news that came out off this entire weekend and possibly the semester didn't even involve me or WM. MY HIGH SCHOOL GUARD WON FIRST PLACE IN AIA PRELIMS AND FINALS!! Take that, Mr. Robinson. But oh my gosshh, I was so excited and happy and proud and all of those other positive emotions that people frequently feel. I was about to cry, I just love them and guard and organization and dedication and...wait, I believe I've segued. I'm just happy, is all.

And as of about an hour and a half ago, my friends and I got a 6-person block in Old Campus and my classes for next fall are all lined up..well kind of. The classes I'm in right now are:
- Organic Chemistry II
- General Physics I/Lab
- US Women's History from 1600 - 1879
- Environmental Sociology

Well, I still need to get into my Orgo lab. And Intro to Multivariable Calc would be pretty nice, seeing as I need that for my major. But I'm actually super excited for my classes, they should be fun.

Picture from the Showcase: Shrek Medley!

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