Friday, April 29

Blowout 2011: "Get Schist-Faced!"

Is it bad that I don't want to leave school quite yet? Today was the Last Day of Classes or as most students know it as, Blowout. Essentially, Blowout is the day when students come to their classes completely wasttedd. In addition to the hoards of inebriated students stumbling around campus throughout the day is the ridiculous campus-wide party that happened on the Sunken Gardens today. Inflatables, free food, a relatively unknown, but still live band, and just hundreds of people everywhere. Perfect for my people-watching hobby.

Reasons why this day was awesome:
- Gentlemen of the College Final Concert
- hours and hours of people-watching
- seeing some pretty special people
- seeing the Spotlight seniors, because this may have been the last time I will
- the weather
- here comes my Twamp comment, the Calc test I got back that I did not fail

Reasons why this day was not awesome:
- LDOC means finals
- LDOC also means the end of freshman year living in Barrett (B3W <3)
- and as weird as it sounds for me, I'm going to miss my cousin being here (shoutout to Christopher)

With less than two weeks until I am no longer a resident of Barrett, I guess I need to appreciate it while I can. And that means hanging out with the people that I know I won't see next year. But (insert loads of innuendo here) I'm working on that. ;) <- if that doesn't make it clear...

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