Monday, August 15

New World Splendor Meets Old World Charm

I love living where I live. It's literally a stone's throw away from our lovely nation's capitol, but still has the heart of a small town..for a short time once a year. This past weekend was the annual county fair and I went with my sister.

There was the usual: pony rides and racing piglets, carny rides, and dozens of vendors. However, what I came to the fair for specifically was the "Civil War Historymobile." While I'm not a Civil War buff, I really enjoy American history and just couldn't pass up the chance to see the exhibit. It was essentially a large trailer with different rooms and interactive exhibits about the Civil War.

Just thought I'd post my best attempt at taking an artistic picture. The quality got a bit messed up when I uploaded, but whatever.

In other news, one more week until I'm back in beautiful Williamsburg. I was getting a little tired of the 21st century anyway. :)

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