Monday, August 8

Summer Week 13: So Close to the End

With a little over two weeks until sophomore year begins, I am so ready to start school again. While being home has been fun, I miss my friends, the campus, and learning. Twamp, I know.

Things I'll miss most about being home:
- my mother's cooking :)
- my family
- my bed

My five closest friends and I have a sort of 'good news, bad news' deal in terms of living arrangements. Good news: the six of us will be living together, in three adjacent rooms. Bad news: we'll be in a basement. It's a big step down from from Barrett, but it'll be fun. Here we come, Stith Basement.

Changing rooms every year is a fun excuse to switch up your room layout, something I can't do at home as easily. Thumbs up for artistic expression.

Interior Design Inspiration:

Classy, like the color scheme, a little too busy, but nice. Also nice is this, I really like all of the light and the exposed brick wall.

Currently listening to:
"Lollipop" UPenn 'Off The Beat'

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