Wednesday, December 28

Happiness is..

With Christmas over, I'm pleasantly surprised as to how everything turned out and I hope yours was enjoyable too.  My family had Christmas Eve at our aunt's house.  Some family friends came and it was really nice seeing them.  You can't really go wrong with good people and good food.

Our family has a fairly twisted tradition regarding presents.  The way we've been raised, it's always been easier not to ask for much, if anything, for Christmas.  But our relatives always give us some money and our parents always re-wrap something we already own, a box of hot chocolate or an empty box, with the money inside.  So upon opening it, it's confusion when we see something completely random, until we look further of course.  It's a bit of an odd tradition.

In addition, my sister and I attempted to be a bit more creative with our presents this year.

my mother cutting the cake we baked her, with a $50 hidden gift card inside

my brother, listening to the 26-line poem I wrote for him (we got him a code for some computer game he's playing, but I wanted to make it more interesting/suspenseful)

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