Wednesday, January 18

I don't need a smile from a mannequin, I just want to hold you in my hands

One of the things that I always end up doing when I come home for breaks, whether I like or not, is watch a lot of TV.  Well, not a lot of TV, but more than the nothing I watch back at school.

And this break was no different.  I've started watching two shows; "Jane By Design," a TV drama about a high school girl who ends up working the fashion job she's always wanted.  And of course there's the evil, but loving boss and her balancing work and school.  It's a guilty pleasure, I'll admit.

The second show is "Project Runway: All Stars."  While the all-stars are all past contestants, I've only started watching the most recent season of PR, so they're all new to me.  Weekly PR episodes will be a nice end of the week when the semester starts up again.

Is it a coincidence that both shows I've started watching are fashion related?  Probably not..

Currently listening to:
Ben Kweller playlist (opener for Third Eye Blind at our Convocation concert)
Happy almost 319th birthday, WM!

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