Sunday, January 29

Back to the Grind

First complete week of school is over and done with.  And based on this week, I'm going to be burnt out by Friday for the rest of the semester.  I'm already behind on work, but hopefully this weekend will get me caught up.

Moving on.  I wasn't sure what to write about this time, so I went to my trusty 'list of saved tumblr pictures.'  And this week, it is..drumroll please..bookshelves.

I'm so getting a giant cabinet/bookshelf installation made of industrial pipe when I get my own place.

"I think your bookcase is..oh, uh never mind..."

And lastly, I thought this was a bookshelf, but was mistaken.  But I couldn't not post this.  Doctor Who, anyone?

Currently listening to: Amy Whitcomb's cover of "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars, if my sound was working.

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