Sunday, February 5

Jason Wu for Target

The Jason Wu for Target line comes out today.  Unfortunately, my roommate and I won't be going to check out the collection like we had planned, but here are some pieces that I am putting on my wish list.  My 'love at first sight' piece in this collection is the top-left outfit.  I love the mesh and shape of it, though I am a bit disappointed that they're separates.
Last night was a movie double header for me and my friends.  We first went to the Movie Tavern to see "The Woman in Black," a horror starring Daniel Radcliffe.  I rarely ever get scared at movies, and while this movie did not change that, I still enjoyed it.  The Movie Tavern is also an eat-in movie theatre, so it was nice going to one of those for the first time.

After we got back, we watched "Fantastic Mr. Fox" in one of the academic buildings on campus.  I loved the feel of the movie; it was stop motion animation and I was really drawn to the details and storyline.  All in all, it was a good night.

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