Wednesday, September 26

Congratulations are definitely in order

Today is a day that comes once a year and goes overlooked far too often.  Not only is today my sister's birthday, but it's also my parents' 25th wedding anniversary.  :)

My sister makes everything look easy.  Seriously, graduating from a great school with "Highest Honors", getting multiple job offers in a time where the job market isn't giving them out to everyone, all while keeping her sanity.  I can barely get through Physical Chemistry lab without wanting to cry (I'm being completely serious here, second week in a row.  Ahh, the dreaded PChem.)

And now my parents.  My parents really are my heroes.  I cannot even imagine going through what they did to get here and to get to where they are today.  Also, I guess it's true what they say, opposites attract.  My dad's the goofy, crazy one and my mom is the sensible, serious one.  Ask anyone, they'll agree.  25 years and still going strong.

I'm bummed that I can't be home to celebrate with my family, but it's only a few more weeks until the nearest break.

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