Tuesday, September 4

"It's a luscious mix of words and tricks..."

Classes are just beginning and while the workload is pretty light right now, I definitely will be a ticking time bomb of crazy soon enough.  Coming to the sad realization that school comes first this semester, I had to stop my attempts at doing guard this semester.  School first, and sanity's a close second.

I will do my best to keep distractions to a minimum though.  As my IA professor said on the first day of class, "For those of you taking PChem and IA, this is not a good semester to get sick.  Or fall in love."  Well said, professor.

Quick band spotlight for this post, The Shins.  In addition to The Kooks, The Shins were a staple of my summer playlist.  Enjoy a few of my favorites.  :)

"Phantom Limb"


"Caring is Creepy"

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